Wangapeka Family Dairy

Do Wangapeka Family Dairy have lactose free cheese?

Wangapeka cheese

No, we don't have a lactose free cheese we make our products with out denaturing milk (ie removing the lactose and other components) as we make our products fresh straight from the days milking.

The lactose is the natural super component in milk when making cheese, most of the lactose is drain off with the whey. The cultures we use for making a cheese converts the remaining lactose to lactic acid in the aging of the cheese, for example, the more aged the cheese is the less lactose in the cheese. Aged cheeses will only have traces of lactose remaining. Lactose in a glass of milk is approx 12gm to a 250 ml glass in aged cheeses the ration per gram is traces 0.2 gm approx. 

All fresh cheeses will be higher in lactose and you should avoid these. Other alternative is a vegetarian cheese made from soy.