Wangapeka Family Dairy

Our Milk Pouch Journey

Those who are already a part of the Wangapeka family will know how deep our desire to bring only the best forward, from our grass, cow health, milk and now to how we sell it! 

We believe plastic bottles are not sustainable for our future so we decided to look at our options.  From our research we stumbled across an extremely unique design of a fully biodegradable pouch. Straight away we were sold.  Unfortunately like many innovations it does take time to get there. Being a small family business we have made these pouches our goal and have made our first step forward moving to a new 1L whole milk pouch. Soon we aim to make them worm farmable - watch this space.

Our new milk pouch contains the same good ol’ fashioned whole milk goodness from our A2/A2 tested herd with full fat (yes you still need to give them a shake) and minimal pasteurization .  Its just delivered in a different outer.

During our trials, the team have thrown them, squeezed them, had kids pour from them (with no more mess than usual) and put them through their paces.  The  pouches are still winning!  We even froze them to take away camping.  In the chilly bin the pouch keeps your meat cold and is still as tasty as ever. 

Mums love it! Chefs love it! Kids love it and we know you will too!

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