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Pasture to Plate

In todays society the consumer has quickly acquired a heightened sense of food-consciousness, with a huge amount of care being taken with each item carefully selected from the local farmers market or organic food store. A huge emphasis is being made on the origin of the companies and ingredients used alongside the values and ethics that said company exhibits, the term “ Pasture to Plate” has never been so valued.

“Pasture to Plate” refers to the process from start to finish. In our case, it is the nutrients we give to our soil, the crop that we plant, the stock that we breed, the milk that we catch, the cheese that we create. From day one, we can tell you every mineral in the soil, every natural supplement supplied, every straw of semen inseminated. By having this control and knowledge we are able to 100% back that we know our cows are healthy and this shows in the quality of the milk that they produce.

It isn’t only the end product that reaps the reward of an active approach to holistic farming but also the native bush and wildlife that surrounds the farm. With the river fully fenced off protecting native and rare trees, shrubs and bird life and also creating shade along the river, we are mindful of the effect that neglect may have for the generations that we leave behind.

Being one of New Zealand’s very few pasture to plate practice businesses, our brand has quickly been associated with good, whole, true products. Our range boasts not only our beautiful award winning cheeses but also the likes of our Whole Milk or Kefir. The Whole Milk, gently batch pasteurized, so as to maintain the structure of the proteins rather than smashing them to little pieces. This makes it so much more tolerable for the likes of our customers who may be lactose intolerant, finding that having the milk less “processed” means their bodies can actually grab onto those globules and process them. Our Kefir, known as “ The Champagne of Milk” is a probiotic drinking yoghurt. Packed full of probiotics such as Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Streptococcus Thermophilus to name a few with a tested count of 10 million cfu/g. For you this means not only is it easier for you to digest but also helps repair your stomach health and get you back to feeling at your best. After all 70-80% of your immunity comes from your stomach and digestive track.

It wasn’t that long ago that the jargon associated with cheese making and dairy product was a complete foreign language to our customers, but with the shift in readily available information and a drive for further knowledge we are really able to share why our products are so special.

So as you can see, Pasture to Plate is not just where the cows are grazed or hand making a product. Its caring, teaching, respecting and growing with your environment. We will forever be learning new techniques, information and insite which in turn gets passed onto you, our customers, and our new generation of artisan lovers.

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