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What does A2 mean?

A1 and A2 beta-casein are genetic variants of just one type of protein found in milk.

When A1 protein is digested it produces a amino acid monomer called Beta-Casomorphin-7 (BCM-7).
BCM-7 is the amino acid which causes intolerance like symptoms in the stomach such as bloating, cramps and other discomforts. Where as digestion of A2 milk doesn't produce BCM-7, thus making it easier to digest.

Back in the day your traditional cows such as Guernsey Cows produced A2 milk along with the amino acid Proline. As breeding morphed we now find ourselves with herds such as Friesian producing predominantly A1 as the key amino acid proline was converted to Histidine.   

With careful breeding over several years our girls ( and bull ) are all fully tested A2 cows.

So with being A2, non-homogised and non-standardised means that not only is our whole milk easier on your stomach but it is also as nature intended with naturally high fat percentages, and not to mention delicious that that layer of cream on the top of your glass!

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