Wangapeka Family Dairy

Butter Making

Our shop now has Double Cultured Cream! With a huge yield for butter we thought what better way than to teach!

You will need;

1L Wangapeka Double Cultured Cream


Jug of Chilled Water

Fine Cloth

A Cake Mixer, Hand Beater or Kitchen Whizz

Salt & Herbs to Taste


Step One

Empty contents into your bowl using your cake mixer, hand beater or kitchen whizz
Beat until mixture separates you will get little splashes on the lid of your mixing bowl or food
processor use a clean tea towel if you have no lid.

Beat your Cream until grains apear

Step Two

Ideally your butter should have formed small grains at this point pour off the butter milk and add
your chilled water. Leave to set for 5 minutes

Beat until Cream separates

Step Three

Line your sieve with a fine cloth I use baby muslin purchased from spot light or a large clean chux
cloth you can boil the cloth prior to using any cloth will do ie fine curtain net or muslin

Line your sieve with a fine cloth

Step Four

Wash your grains with cold water gently moving around until the water runs clear.

Wash your grain until the water runs clear

Step Five

Squeeze out excess moisture at this point you add your salt and herbs and work it into your butter as
you work it in your will remove any excess moisture

Squeeze out all excess moisture
At this point you add your salt and herbs

The butter is good to go enjoy

Voilà, you butter is good to go!

A little tip, remove your cream from the fridge half an hour being you start. This will help with butter and buttermilk split.