Wangapeka Family Dairy

Down on the Dairy Farm at Wangapeka Downs

Wangapeka Downs, our 190-hectare farm, is located at the top of the South Island, on the edge of beautiful Kahurangi National Park. The great climate of New Zealand’s sunniest region means lush pastures and a low-stress environment for our cows.  

Since we moved here in 2000, we’ve concentrated on building soil health and enriching our pastures, incorporating a herbal lay that includes species such as chicory, plantain, red and white clover, yarrow and dandelion. All our fertilisers are natural rock—no phosphates or nitrates—and we avoid herbicides and pesticides.   

A2 Jersery, Friesian-cross and Normandy cows on the Wangapeka Downs farm

The A2 Jersey, Friesian-cross and Normandy cows in our herd are carefully chosen for the quality of their milk. Their health and welfare are our number-one concern. Natural supplements and remedies keep them healthy and boost their immunity, and antibiotics and drenches aren't used unless theppp' animal’s welfare is at risk. Our two herds—summer and winter—are milked once a day, not twice, which reduces stress on the cows. Calves are left longer than usual with their mothers, so they too are healthier and happier. 

Our holistic approach means contented, robust, disease-resistant animals producing top-quality milk. 

Milking Cows on Wangapeka Downs farm